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Posted On: 06/29/2011
Year: 2008

Field Trip

As I was riding the bus going to downtown Long Beach heading home from college, I happened to spot the Museum of Lating American Art. Spotting that museum gave me the most wonderful flashback of the time where my junior english class took a field trip there. I had even giggled as I passed by the museum with the cheerful memories that were created on the way to the location.

I remember the bus ride being the most amusing part of the field trip. My junior class was sitting in the back, with the humorous people I had as classmates. They had my bus partner and I laughing so much with their singing, jokes, and having trucks honk their horns in the freeway. I can not even recall how many trucks honked their horns. It was a party in the back of the bus!

I honestly could not have had better classmates. There was always a day where they made someone laugh out loud.

Thanks for the memories!! :)

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